An Update…

Well, it’s my fault mostly.

I know all of my dedicated readership is wondering what happened to me (thanks Mom, I’m ok). It has been a while, I think 3 months, since I posted any new articles or pictures or even really interacted at all on social media. Don’t worry, I am not dead. I still really enjoy shooting and other outdoor activities, and writing articles about my hobby. However, in the last few months my interaction level has plummeted to near non-existence. Why? The biggest reason is my own failure to manage my personal time. To be quick, I have mentioned before that I am a Soldier. To be more specific I am currently an Army National Guardsman. I also have a full time job on the civilian side. Up until  3 months ago I had a very regular schedule at my civilian job that was easy to plan around my personal activities and my hobbies.

That all changed.

My unit was alerted for a deployment in the near future and I have been tasked with helping to prepare them on a full time basis. This is on top of monthly drills and a robust training regimen in preparation for said deployment.

This means that my work schedule and free time have  been altered dramatically. It’s not that I don’t get time off, I do. I actually get to spend more time with my family and my sleep schedule has improved, two very important things to me.  It has just been difficult to adjust my old activities into my new schedule. Recently, I feel  I have  gotten the swing of things and can fit in some more writing before I have to leave.

Now for the good news.

The first is I have purchased a GoPro camera, this will allow me to shoot better quality photo and (crossed fingers) videos in the near future. I have been using my iPhone quite successfully, but I think we will have more dynamic content with the action camera.

I also have access to a much better range for shooting. To give you a little background, I typically used one of two ranges for shooting and testing. The first range wasn’t bad, but it only allowed for 25-100 yard testing, plus it was public access, which meant I had to fight the crowds, and it was very structured in its allowed use. The other range I used was the backyard of my in-laws, which gave me the privacy and anytime-access I enjoyed, but I could only use it for very short pistol work.

This new range is privately owned, and extends from 0-550 yards. This means I can take on a whole new level of testing and evaulating products, while also honing my own skills at long(ish) ranges. I am super excited about this.

So, while I will be taking an extended break from writing in the future, rest assured that I have not fallen of the face of the earth and that there is some good content coming your way soon!




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