Hello everybody!

This is my first attempt at inter-web blogging and as such I ask that you please excuse any stumbling about or rough looking posts as I am not very tech-savvy or in touch with my flowery, creative side. My intent with this website is to cover the various and sundry subjects I am interested in. “So, what are you interested in?” the reader who stumbled across this blog in their search for kitten videos, or capsule wardrobe tutorials, might ask.

I am glad you asked.

I am a hard-core gun guy. By that somewhat scary-sounding sentence, I mean that I am passionate about firearms and all that pertain to them. Before I get too far into the weeds, I feel that I should bring something up. I am NOT a tacti-cool or tacti-tard, load bearing vest wearing, beard growing, “operator”; I am not a “prepper” with a hundred boxes of MREs in his mom’s basement, ( I only have two 🙂 ) I am also not a gun snob who looks down on those with a Savage-Stevens while I fondle my Perazzi Delux Impressario. I am an equal-opportunity gun nut:  I like pretty guns, ugly guns, guns that work, guns that shine, guns that are yours, and guns that are mine. This confession may end up alienating a big portion of potential readers, but that is ok with me as I would rather write about what makes me smile than what sells.

I also do not claim to be a subject matter expert in anything.There are a great deal of you that are much more experienced and wise than I in these topics and I will defer to you in these matters. I will try very hard to stay current in all the goings-on in the Industry, but at the same time I do not want to lose the link to the past through those Founding Fathers of ours (Cooper, Keith, O’Connor, Whelen, Skelton, et al.)  All of what I write is my opinion, and sometimes, I am wrong. If and when I am wrong, I will make duly sure to right that wrong through study and healthy discussion.

My plan is cover various firearms, firearms related gear, a hunting trip or two, and maybe some non-gun, manly topics every once in a while. I have no desire to discuss politics, and not for a lack of ability or conviction, I just find that it doesn’t make for friendly conversation. I am a family man, and as such will moderate the comments to a PG level. It’s not censorship…well, it is, but it is also my prerogative.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I have enjoyed making it so far, I am excited for the fun I will have in writing and compiling articles and posts. I am also excited for the fun you the reader will have, if not in reading the cutting edge-articles, than in watching a redneck on the internet with a keyboard try and work through making blog posts 🙂


3 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Hello I have a question about a Remington Model 31 that I was left by my dad who died in 1978. The gun has been in my cabinet just sitting. Family rumor is my mom bought it for my dad from a widow of a Maine guide up in Maine when I was a kid (I’m 68 now). I believe it is an old one. Is the serial number the number just under the model number? If so the serial number matches #230 on the barrel. Also the RZ on the barrel I think means made in November of 1931. It is full choke 30 inch.


    • Sorry about the late reply, deployed right now.

      yes. That is the serial number.
      You have a very early variant of the 31. Lucky you!

      The barrel codes for year of manufacture are 1930_______ Y
      1931_______ Z
      1932_______ A
      1933_______ B
      1934_______ C
      1935_______ D
      1936_______ E
      1937_______ F
      1938_______ G
      1939_______ H

      1940_______ J
      1941_______ K
      1942_______ L
      1943_______ MMZ
      1944_______ NN
      1945_______ PP
      1946_______ RR
      1947_______ SS
      1948_______ TT
      1949_______ UU

      1950_______ WW
      1951_______ XX
      1952_______ YY
      1953_______ ZZ
      1954_______ A
      1955_______ B
      1956_______ C
      1957_______ D
      1958_______ E


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